Brandy (glossygirl) wrote in uberglambitches,

yeah- i belong in vegas-

Name: Brandy

Age: 21

Sign: Capricorn

Sex: I'm a she.

Where Are You From: Illinois, living in WV temporarily.

How Did You Find Us: Megan.

Do You Know Any Of The Mods: Megan.

Pimp Our Community To At Least Two Locations (Link):

Favourite Bands: The Darkness, Maroon 5, Switchfoot,

Favourite TV Shows: CSI(all of them), Charmed, Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi

Favourite Movies: Stigmata, Napoleon Dynamite, Saved!

Favourite Colour(s): pink, lavender, tiffany's blue, silver

Favourite Thing To Do When Bored: torment my fiance

Favourite Drink: Bermuda Breezes

Favourite Food: Sesame Chicken, Mexican Pizza, Mashed Potatos

What Do You Think About Masturbation: I think it's a wonderful thing to do when I'm bored. :P

What's Your Favourite Sex Position and Why: Any position I can get Mike in- heh any sex is my favorite. :P

Describe Yourself: errr. damnit. i knew this was gonna be a question. lets see... I'm pretty off the wall- I talk, a lot. Sometimes just about nothing.... I am obsessed with Makeup- and hair- and massage- and waxing pussy, cause thats how I make my living.... and i'm fun (well i always have fun when i'm with myself *shrugs*)

What turns you on? badass boys wearing eyeliner and messy hair.

What Is Something That Really Pisses You Off: people who start shit for no reason or just because someone else doesnt like you and they are friends with them.

What Makes You Who You Are: my quirks. if i had no quirks i'd be like EVERYONE else.

Show Us Pictures! Five At The Most:

(thats me in my icon!)



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