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I Belong In Vegas

Name: Ashley

Age: 18

Sign: Taurus

Sex: Yes PLEASE ?!?!?!? I'm sexually frustrated I can't take it anymore !!!! 0_0 Hehe. I'm Female.

Where Are You From: Pennsylvania

How Did You Find Us: Megan sent me here !!!!

Do You Know Any Of The Mods: Yes. Megan ^_^

Pimp Our Community To At Least Two Locations (Link): I posted in addmealso & add_me

Favourite Bands: Savage Garden, Blue Oyster Cult, Spice Girls, Metallica, Scorpions, Ratt, The Grateful Dead, etc.

Favourite TV Shows: Anything on Cartoon Network, South Park & anything on Adult Swim.

Favourite Movies: K-PAX, Pet Sematary, Jesus Christ Superstar,

Favourite Colour(s): Black, Pink, Gray & Blue

Favourite Thing To Do When Bored: Be on LJ...which is all day long!

Favourite Drink: Anything Pepsi

Favourite Food: Anything Oriental, especially sushi ^_^

What Do You Think About Masturbation: It's a very good thing, take it from someone who does it!

What's Your Favourite Sex Position and Why: *Shrug* Missionary I guess..I'm a virgin I wouldn't really know.

Describe Yourself: I am WOMAN! Hear me BITCH!

What turns you on? Pornos & my ex boyfriend ;-)

What Is Something That Really Pisses You Off: Stupid ass arrogant preppy bitches & white guys that act black.

What Makes You Who You Are: Well my parents made me...from birth on out I made the best of myself on my own ^_^

Show Us Pictures! Five At The Most: Is 4 out of 5 good enough ^_^
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My ex surpised me & took this one I really wasn't quite ready for it.

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My High School Senior Pic. Class of 2004 !!!
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