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I Belong In Vegas

Name:  Kim

Age:    26

Sign:   Sagittarius

Sex:    Fem

Where Are You From:  Newington, Connecticut

How Did You Find Us: thewheezyone

Do You Know Any Of The Mods:  both of them are on my F list

Pimp Our Community To At Least Two Locations (Link): and

Favourite Bands:   John Mayer, The Killers, Linkin Park, Sublime, Foo Fighters

Favourite TV Shows:  CSI, Cold Case, Cops, Law & Order 'SVU'

Favourite Movies:   American Beauty, Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Minds, Good Will Hunting

Favourite Colour(s):   Green and Blue

Favourite Thing To Do When Bored:  read, Xbox, PS2, have sex and play around online

Favourite Drink:   Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea

Favourite Food:   Sushi

What Do You Think About Masturbation:  I think every girl should have a B.O.B (battery operated buddy)

What's Your Favourite Sex Position and Why:  Me on top because I like being in control

Describe Yourself:  short, funny, bitchy, sarcastic and fun-loving

What turns you on?   Nice full pouty lips, a big smile and faded cologne

What Is Something That Really Pisses You Off:? Old granny drivers

What Makes You Who You Are:  Honestly, my mother, I am just like her

Show Us Pictures! Five At The Most:

My son and I

Old School ......

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